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Registered dealer of Emlid products for Western Canada. Providing sales and service. BC / AB warehouses. Product ships the next day.

Centimeter.ca customers are operating equipment in these provinces/territories: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK, YT; and these US states: AR, CA, MN, ME, MT, NE, NY, WA; and in Greenland.

**Territory bounty: Collect a 10% discount on goods for the 1st order shipped to a customer in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut.
Updated 2019-11-12, first edition

Dear customers, the website is still being updated. We are open for business and email is being checked. ALL Emlid items are currently in stock. Please contact us for orders or information:

sales (at) centimeter (dot) ca

2019-11-12. NEW! Announcing the new Reach M2. Dual-band RTK GNSS reciever module. Available either alone; bundled with antenna; or with RS2 in an RTK kit or a Mapping kit. Pricing to be addded shortly. Pre-orders are being taken now. Will become available in January.

Reach RS2 $2564 CAD - In stock and ready to ship. Dispatches from BC and AB.