Updated 2019-12-18, first edition

Emlid Reach M2

This is a multi-band GNSS receiver module intended for centimeter accuracy in either RTK or PPK mode, and suitable for baselines of up to 100km depending on mode of operation.

Shown here is a kit, which includes the module, antenna and cable. In addition to a Wi-Fi device such as a smartphone or tablet, all that is needed is USB or 5 Volt power to start working. The module is also available separately.

Currently in production and available on pre-order. ETA for this newest model is the end of January.

Download brochure (PDF)

Pre-order the kit - $803

Pre-order the module - $606

(you will be directed to parts.and.supplies checkout for payment)
Pre-order priority list for the new Emlid Reach M2
Priority Name Place Secured by payment Particulars
1 d**h AB no M2 kit; +GNSS antenna extension; +Outdoor LoRa antenna; +Lora antenna extension.
2 m**b BC no M2 only
3 b**m AB no M2 kit
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